Farzad – the happy barber – a life story!

Farzad – the happy barber – a life story!
by Marsida T. Najdeni
February 13, 2019

It was fate (kismet) that one snowy day I ran across the account of Farzad, the happy barber on Instagram. My grandfather, on dad side, was a barber. The other grandfather was a watchmaker. Needless to say, I have a weak spot for barbers and watchmakers. Farzad’s account got me hooked. He always has a smile on. His barber shop has a motorcycle inside. His stories are incredible. And, he gives shaves the old way. A master barber! Scrolling down his posts, I got to know more about him. He is a war refugee that walked half of the world to get to where he is now. Literally walked! He worked hard, but at the same time, he loved hard. With his wife (Shelley), they opened the barbershop. 13 years later they still run it together.

I remember thinking to myself that this couple is the added jewel to the Vancouver scene. This is why I decided to reach out to them. I was expecting kindness, and oh boy, did I get it in large quantity. The sweetest people you could chat with. Their dedication to each other and to their business is so inspiring, especially for people like myself involved in family business. Farzad has been a barber for 30 years, and he has the best life and business partner in Shelley. She is the marketing genius behind it all. Their barbershop is a space that is warm, friendly, and relaxed, where everyone who walks through the door feels welcome.

I am happy that Farzad now is the proud owner of one of our watches. The Made in Germany Aruba Pionier. It seats well with him. In his line of work, he needs a watch that matches not only his style but his personality too. The Aruba watch with his intriguing solar design radiates the smiles that Farzad – the happy barber – has in unlimited quantity. Our watches can be worn in every profession and occasion. They are built with the lifestyle of a gentleman in mind.

Thank you, Farzad & Shelley!
Tufina Family


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