From the cycle of “Bad Writers Society”

by Marsida T. Najdeni
no talent – just soul.

To fear love

Is it too much to ask

To be able to know love differently

In calmness and passion

Without sorrow and pain

How beautiful would be

To know love without fear

Of your rejection or destruction

To truly experience love once

In the art of knowing to let go

Of all fears and thoughts

Just truly you and I love.


Your Contribution

You gave me purpose

To laugh and cry.

You showed me the world

Of colors and sun.

You removed the darkness

and my solitude days.

You gifted me love

Without confines nor borders.

You showered me with heed

In kindhearted deeds.

You became my family,

My realm, my life, and my all.



I have locked your love inside of me

No storm or temptation can remove it

My heart is contentedly lost in the arms of your lock

You have become my sweet succubus day and night

Only I can touch you, only I can taste you

Living between my lips, is what I told you,

Would be the evermore desire of your existence. 

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