WHY ARE MEN STILL WEARING WATCHES IN 2018? by Marsida T. Najdeni summer 2018   Recently I was at a fundraiser event. A young gentleman in his mid 30s asked me what do I do for work. Surely my enthusiastic response was that I am in the wonderful industry of wristwatches. The look he gave... Continue Reading →

Why it is important to support a family owned business.

Why it is important to support a family owned business. By Marsida T. Najdeni August 28, 2018 Family owned businesses are the oldest form of business organization. Today family-owned businesses are recognized as important and dynamic participants in the world economy (Inc.). The public loves family-owned businesses, and they respond better to such businesses. In... Continue Reading →

Të dua, o mon!

Të dua, o mon! – Tregim nga Marsida T. Najdeni 7 gusht 2018 (Botuar për herë të parë tek Tirona.Website të mikut tim, Olsi Ferrazinit, më 27 gusht 2018) Ma hoqi me vrull doçkën e vogël nga imja dhe vrapoi duke qeshur fort. Për një çast nga maraku zemra mu ndal. Ajo ishte e vogël as 5... Continue Reading →

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