Visit my store at HOW TO PROTECT YOUR WATCH AT THE BEACH. By Marsida T. Najdeni With the arrival of sunny days along come the beach days. We understand that many watch lovers want to wear their masterpiece as a summer accessory to perfect their outfit. Ok so far, but often people forget to pay some... Continue Reading →

Why it is important to support a family owned business.

Why it is important to support a family owned business. By Marsida T. Najdeni August 28, 2018 Family owned businesses are the oldest form of business organization. Today family-owned businesses are recognized as important and dynamic participants in the world economy (Inc.). The public loves family-owned businesses, and they respond better to such businesses. In... Continue Reading →

Të dua, o mon!

Të dua, o mon! – Tregim nga Marsida T. Najdeni 7 gusht 2018 (Botuar për herë të parë tek Tirona.Website të mikut tim, Olsi Ferrazinit, më 27 gusht 2018) Ma hoqi me vrull doçkën e vogël nga imja dhe vrapoi duke qeshur fort. Për një çast nga maraku zemra mu ndal. Ajo ishte e vogël as 5... Continue Reading →

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